Youth Ministry

My heart said to you, Your face, Lord, I shall seek. Psalm 27:8

Grace Youth is a ministry that focuses on the grade 7 to 12 students of Grace Chapel. The objective of this ministry is to see our youth further sanctified by the Holy Spirit through the means that He has ordained by way of the Word of God—in the preaching of the Word, the teaching of the Word, the study of the Word, adherence to the Word, prayer and continued fellowship. We want to see our youth line up their lives with the Chief Cornerstone (as all of the living stones of God’s household are to be so aligned), and this is and will be done by taking what is studied and learned together and practically applying it to every area of our lives. We want to train up young men and women of God who will go forward and live and lead lives in the same manner as prescribed in Titus 1 and 2. And we pray that this too would trickle down from them to the generations coming up behind them.

In the past year at Grace Youth, we have had the blessed privilege of studying through the epistle of 1 John and will be continuing in it for the coming year.

The Grace Youth ministry team currently consists of Joshua Fearon, Sonny Zhang, and Nathan Cunningham.


Sunday School

Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all. Mark 10:15

The Sunday school ministry is cooperatively taught by Francie Rimmington, Daniel Sima’an, Rachel Sakr, Sonny Zhang, Naomi Cunningham, Matthew Cunningham and Daniel Thabet. These teachers work together on a week-by-week basis to teach the children of Grace Chapel lessons from a Sunday School curriculum based out of the ministry of Grace Community Church. The classes are divided into two groups by age: 4-7 and 8-10. Our objectives with this ministry are to teach the children the Word of God faithfully and to come alongside them to cultivate their love for the Lord and their heart for Scripture. We pray that the children would flourish in the church and that the teachers and children would also be encouraged and growing. Ultimately, our greatest desire is that God be pleased and glorified in our service to Him.

Daniel Thabet
Daniel ThabetChildren’s Ministry Director

Nursery Ministry

Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth.

1 John 3:18

The objective of the Nursery ministry at Grace Chapel is two-fold:

  1. To provide parents with infants and young toddlers (ages 0-3) the opportunity to participate in Sunday morning services.
  2. To supplement the work parents are already doing in their children’s lives by enforcing big Biblical truths in a simple and understandable way (Ex. Jesus is the boss, God made everything)

Who We Are:

Currently, the nursery team consists of the following people: Dina Saweriss, Camille Fearon, Reem Karkoutlian, Sabrina Gendi, Aban Shaker and Jessica Thabet.

The Ministry’s Goals:

  • To establish a routine that tracks the number of children who are under our care during the service (parent sign and sign out sheet)
  • To develop the habit of praying for the children on a regular basis
  • To establish and follow a nursery schedule that keeps young children engaged (consists of play, snack time, songs, story, memory verse and colouring)
  • To help parents feel comfortable leaving their children in the nursery so they are able to benefit from the worship services
  • To create a supervision routine that allows teachers the opportunity to be involved in worship services on a regular basis (Currently each teacher is on the schedule once out of every three weeks)


The children have been learning simple, yet profound truths about Christ. They are learning memory verses and songs and have been adjusting to the routine of the nursery class. Parents feel comfortable leaving their children and are free to benefit from the worship services.

Daniel Thabet
Daniel ThabetChildren’s Ministry Director

Music Ministry

Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth; Break forth and sing for joy and sing praises.

Psalm 98:4

Worship is of the utmost importance at Grace Chapel and not just any worship, but Majestic, Word-centered, God-centered, Christ-centered worship, is our central passion. Our Sunday celebration is simply the overflow of what God is doing individually in our lives throughout the week. And when the Sunday service is over and when we leave, nothing is to change. It is simply to be a carryover of what was in concentrated form happening during the service.

It has been rightly stated, “Great theology produces great hymnology, which in turn produces great doxology.” This is the heartbeat of Grace Chapel, to present transcendent, God-honouring worship. It requires a sacrificial offering of praise to God producing both reverence and awe. Moreover, there is an inseparable bond between the centrality of the Word of God and the worship of God. To this end, the prolific pastor and noted author, James Montgomery Boice writes, “To worship God we must know who God is, but we cannot know who God is unless God first chooses to reveal Himself to us. God has done this in the Bible, which is why the Bible and the teaching of the Bible need to be central in our worship.” God’s Word is wholly sufficient in that it provides Scriptural elements, which are essential to the corporate worship of Grace Chapel – namely Scripture reading, preaching/ teaching, prayer, singing, baptism, and communion. As determined by God Himself, the purpose of worship is the exaltation of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit by His redeemed. Worship is thus a celebration of God, His work and His character. As such, our services provide a worship perspective that is primarily transcendent in nature, rather than superficial and man-centred.

With this in mind, the Cambridge Declaration makes this statement regarding the status of worship in today’s evangelical church: “The loss of God’s centrality in the life of today’s church is common and lamentable. It is the loss that allows us to transform worship into entertainment, gospel preaching into marketing, being good into feeling good about ourselves, and faithfulness into being successful…We must focus on God in our worship, rather than the satisfaction of our personal needs. God is sovereign in worship; we are not. Our concern must be for God’s kingdom, not our own empires, popularity or success.” Therefore, it is the desire of Grace Chapel that there be a returning to the foundational themes of the Protestant Reformation in the worship of the church: Scripture alone (sola Scriptura), grace alone (sola gratia), Christ alone (solus Christus), faith alone (sola fide), and glory to God alone (soli Deo Gloria).

Kelson Robinson
Kelson RobinsonWorship Team
Amira Tadros
Amira TadrosWorship Team